Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter thoughts

 Winter being the longest season here, at least for me, it's time for rest.  Many of the other seasonal chores have been put to bed under a blanket of snow..lots and lots of snow.

The seed catalogs are quite the gayest blizzard afforded during this cheerless month of January.  Since about half of every catalog is given to annuals, is it any wonder that these visionary Edens are a true delight of three-foot larkspur, glowing snapdragons, fragrant mignonette... and culinary herbs, Rosemary and Thymes.. and vegetables--so many delicious varieties of tomatoes, squash, peppers and every other perennial flower we've ever wished to grow to perfection?

We can sketch some tentative plans on paper, make out seed lists... and think green!  Then, about the first of February, my growing season begins in the grow room, with about as many flats of herb seedlings you can imagine--setting, all in rows over heated benches.  And here they will remain until mid March, when they can safely be moved out into the greenhouse for hardening off before their final stages of growth  into the garden in late May here in Maine.

Last season a friend send me here, where I was able to design my garden plot.  It was a fun project, and it gave me a good resource guide, (because I can no longer depend on this old memory) as I put to paper my plan for this years garden.  You might want to give it a try--it surely beats shoveling snow ;-)

                                                                 Garden Plot 2010


The days are getting a little longer--the sun is getting a little brighter when we see it and my seeds are beginning to arrive!!
Spring is just around the corner, or so I keep telling myself, about 53 more days or sow. ;-) Think warm thoughts, and dream of luscious fresh vegetables fresh from the vine. Til next thyme..