Thursday, August 9, 2012

In My Basket

Boy, it's been a steamy summer up here in the northeast.. but the garden is just loving all this heat..but then, so do the weeds :(  We could feed a small nation with all the zucchini, pattypans and summer squash and hot peppers we're harvesting! :)  This summer is zipping by, and I've been extremely busy in the garden and at farmers market.  I just planted our second sowing of root crop for Autumn--more beets, carrots turnip and kale. How are your gardens doing?

With the many squash in my basket this week, I made a very easy to prepare Vegetable Scampi over linguini.

And we are perpetually harvesting the basils... red ruby, lemon, genovese, thai & spicy globe.  I dry most of the basils..for our herbal dips & seasoning blends and of course our herbal soaps, but it just wouldn't be summer without some fresh basil pesto too!  The one nice thing about all this heat is herb drying is so much easier. Hanging to dry are the basils, oregano,sage,  sweet marjoram, summer savory,and  lavender,

This season at Farmers market we are offering our Chunky Garden Salsa, so many many hot peppers you'll find in my garden.  They'll also go into my Vintage Garden Hot Pepper Jelly, Herb Garden Hot Pepper Jam and our newest Garlic & Onion Pepper Jam.

For the very first season here in Maine our Kirby pickling cukes are doing just splendid! All of these go into our Wicked Good Pickles

So, it's been a very good busy summer for me so far,  but the thing I'm happiest about this year in Mama's Giardiniera are my grapevines. I can't wait to harvest them!  Stay cool.  Til next thyme.. happy gardening.