Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ode to the Chive Blossom

  Do you remember that old verse 'ode to a pelican'?  Ode to the pelican: It's beak holds more than it's belly can. :)  Well right now in the garden my chives are bursting with flowers. They are so pretty in the garden, I just hated to pick them--when  typically I'm a seed saver.  But with all this rain we've been seeing here lately, I decided instead to pick half of my chive blossoms and make this vibrantly colored vinegar..that's so tasty added to  a fresh garden salad.

This lovely vinegar didn't start out this way. It was a clear white vinegar infused with heaps of fresh blossoms that gave it this lovely dark rose shade.  So if you still have chive blossoms lingering out in your garden, go out and pluck as many as you can get and make some of this fragrant and beautiful vinegar today. 

Just fill a mason jar with as many blossoms as you can snip.  I filled my jar 3/4 full and covered with white vinegar and capped.  Store your infusing blossoms in a cool dark cupboard for a couple of weeks--then simply strain through a micro sieve or coffee filter to remove any sediment. Then just fill a pretty bottle or jar and enjoy--or nice Spring gift. Thanks Spring blossoms--see you again next year!