Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's at stake--pole beans

  My  Romano green beans have sprouted, and they are looking for my support–something I’ve come to expect in a good pole bean, and gardening along the ocean can have it's pitfalls, namely high winds.   After trying all kinds of structures and contraptions–trellises, teepees, stakes, sticks, I've decided to stick with my tried and true teepee. With just a little adjusting of two 15 inch rods to anchor it into the ground--this expandable teepee isn't going to budge. And best of all, at the end of the growing season it simply collapses for easy storeage. Made of bamboo, this will be the eighth year of use for us.  We've grown peas as well on this teepee and it never seems to fail us.How do you stake your beans?