Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hot Hot Hot

Though it was -4 degrees this morning, I'm dreaming of heat!  Heat, as in hot pepper heat. This week the hot pepper seeds were planted, as we have many chilly days still ahead of us here in Maine before we see our last frost. I didn't add anything new to the line-up, but know that eventually more will be added when planting time rolls around. As popular as hot peppers have become, remarkably enough, we just see  very few of them in our local nurseries, aside from the common ones. So for now we will have Aji Amarillo,Jalapenos,  Anaheims, Hinklehautz and chili peppers along with our Italian sweets. 

These were grown last summer in our garden:

Aji Amarillo- a Peruvian beauty, with moderate heat,and medium fruits that grew to nearly six foot tall!
Hinklehautz- a great hot pepper, with fairly good heat.. but a fabulously prolific pepper that will withstand some chilly nites.  I was still harvesting into October these little dears..  & so yummy too!This year I will pot up a couple to see how they fare over next winter indoors.
Chili- Just run of the mill hot pepper, but I use many of them
Jalapenos- Who doesn't use jalapenos?  :-)
Anaheims- moderate sized plant and fruit.. great for stuffing!

Can you tell I'm anxious for Spring's arrival yet?!

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